The only company to offer a full in-house solution

At Rix, we understand the need to keep assets running at their optimum efficiency. That’s why with our bespoke gearbox oil exchange service, we ensure your turbines maximise energy generation and minimise any unnecessary downtime. All carried out utilising industry-leading equipment and to the highest of safety and environmental standards.

A Brief Overview

The process of exchanging turbine oil is relatively simple, both onshore and offshore. Our containerised equipment will be loaded onto either a truck or our CTV and delivered to site.
Once checks are complete, used & clean oil hoses are raised into place and secured by competent personnel. The used oil is removed from the gearbox via vacuum and disposed of inside the bunded waste tank housed inside the container. A pre-agreed quantity of clean oil is then transferred into the gearbox and cycled throughout the system to “flush” any dirt deposits or remaining used oil internally, then drained again. Additional lancing can be carried out in the case of severe dirt deposits. Filters, magnetic plugs & cartridges are also replaced.
Following the flush, the final amount of clean oil is transferred into the gearbox ready for the test cycle to ensure correct operation. To ensure traceability & quality management, samples are taken as a minimum at least twice (after flushing & after completion).

The Equipment

  • Industry leading Sage Oil Vac equipment, internally bunded & housed in a 20ft container
  • Patented vacuum process to load the fresh fluid tanks through 2” Barrel Straw, flow rate 70-90 litres/min
  • Internal heating system to ensure oil flow during pumping
  • 170m hose reach
  • 2 x 1700 litre CE Approved Tanks for Fresh/Used oil
  • 1 x 550 litre CE Approved Tank for flush fluid/oil
  • Drybreak hose system to disconnect hoses safely if vessel/vehicle pulls away from turbine unexpectedly

The Oil

With a long-standing history in the petroleum & lubricant sectors, Rix can supply any type of oil your gearbox requires from a range of manufacturers. Whatever your asset requires, we’ve got you covered.

Mobil SHC 320 WT – The most popular choice. Alongside approvals by all major turbine & gearbox manufacturers, the oil boasts an impressive 10-year warranty from ExxonMobil.

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